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A Haunt Without End History


Started in 2017 under the band name Poison the Mermaid and switched to A Haunt We Go in 2018.

Started as a solo project for Dene Thaw who wrote the lyrics, bass and guitar parts and brought on guest singers Andrew Galucki and Morissa Schwartz to make an album called Reality Broken in Two. Released June 3, 2018 to all major stores.

In the fall of 2018 Phil Saraceno who plays bass, joined the band for live shows. Then Luke Neyland on drums and Macon Moyer on back up guitar joined in early 2019. Since Andrew Galucki was unavailable for live shows, Dene Thaw took over singing and main guitar.

Old instagram in which we lost access: Shows live photos of band and cool flyers of the various shows we did under the band name A Haunt We Go. For a list of previous live shows: &

 Under A Haunt We Go, we shared the stage with bands such as: Trash Bin Stench, Semi Hollow, Stone Cold, Trivial Difference, Hide Your Fires, and Van Alden. And got to play big venues like the Baltimore Soundstage and Jammin' Java. Some videos of the shows can be seen here:

 Band came to a stop at the end of 2020, when Phil had to leave the band due to work. After some bad decisions from Dene (Jail, missing practice) Luke and Macon would soon leave. It also didn't help that the Covid19 pandemic hit and nobody was doing live shows at that point anyway.

Band name was changed to A Haunt Without End, mostly from the poor google results of A Haunt We Go. Reality Broken in Two was then re-released September 12, 2020 under the new band name. Features included a extended version of the song Breath Breath Suck Suck.

 Dene then would follow up with a 2nd album called Sugar Wax released August 8, 2022. Dene Thaw did lyrics, guitar, bass with guest vocalist Morissa Schwartz returning and new comer Jamie Wiltshire on lead vocals.

 April 30, 2023, Dene released a 2-song album called Glass Casket. Dene on lyrics, guitar and bass. Jamie Wiltshire on vocals.

 As 2024 rolled around the line up for live shows became: Dene Thaw - Guitar, Cain - Vocals, Robert Moore - Bass, and Dakota Bailey - Drums.

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